KN95 Mouth Masks

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KN95 Mouth Masks

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KN95 mouth masks (FFP2)

These KN95 mouth masks offer good protection against COVID-19. These are professional mouth masks that filter the air that you breath in and out. All face masks are of professional quality. FFP2 (Full Face Protection) is the European standard and stands for a filtration level of 94%. The filter of this KN95 mask protects at least 95% of the air before it is inhaled. KN95 mouthguards with a filter of 94% or higher offer protection against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

This is not a surgical mask, but a breathing mask. With a surgical mouth mask, the environment is protected, and with an KN95 mask, the wearer protects him- or herself.

How to put on the mask

1. Clean your hands with soap and water or with an alcoholic disinfectant hand gel.
2. Get the mask out of the package.
3. Put the mask in front of your mouth and nose. Make sure that your mouth and nose are completely covered and that there are no open spaces between your face and the mask. For an ideal fit, also use the deformable nose strip.
4. Avoid touching the mouth mask during use. If this does happen, wash your hands immediately with soap and water or with an alcoholic disinfectant hand gel.
5. Replace the mouth mask with a new one as soon as it becomes damp or after 8 hours at the latest.
6. Remove the mouthpiece by grasping the back and throw it away in a closed trash can. Try not to touch the front of the mask while doing this.
7. After use, wash your hands carefully with soap and water or with an alcoholic disinfectant hand gel


Protection: KN95 / FFP2 / Not for medical purposes
Filter level: >95%
Color: White

Sold per 10


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