About us

Jump Factory is the leading supplier of inflatable attractions. Jump factory is founded by two people with over 30 years experience in the production, sale and rental of bouncers and other inflatable playground equipment. By combining these experiences, Jump Factory is able to think along with you and provide good products with perfect service.

Because we have our own productionfacility, we can fully control our activities and you are assured of quality products.


The product range of Jump Factory is very extensive and above all unique! Our products distinguish because of their innovative designs and the detailed paintings. From air cushions to obstacle courses and from eyecatchers to slides, you name it, we have it! Almost all of our products are suppliable out of storage.


Jump Factory is open from Monday till Friday 09:00-17:00 hour. It is possible to schedule an appointment outside our office hours. For making an appointment, please contact via info@jumpfactory.com of call +31 (0) 24 760 01 52.