Quality & Service

Quality is very important at Jump Factory. Because of the years of experience in the production and sale of inflatable products, Jump Factory has inflatables of excellent quality. All vulnerabilities are examined and, where necessary, additional reinforced. The seams of the bouncy castles have at least a double stitch and on some places even four to six stitches. This means that all inflatables are suitable for professional use and they provide many years of jumping fun!


all inflatables and attractions of Jump Factory cope with the latest safety requirements and are tested in accordance with NEN – EN – 14 960. Every bouncer comes with a safety certificate, users manual and a logbook


Jump Factory uses a standard two-years warranty on materials and manufacturing defects. Because of our own repair dpeartment, repairs can be quickly and competently executed.

5 years free claims processing

Since Jump Factory is convinced of the quality of their products and service to customers presupposes, the company has a five -year free claims processing. This means you can have your bought bouncer repaired when it’s damaged for free within 5 years. An additional reason for choosing Jump Factory! Inform us for the conditions.