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Airmountains for sale

Do you want to buy airmountains? Then you’ve come to the right place. An Airmountain is an inflatable mountain that is buried in the ground. Air is blown under this mountain by means of an underground tube. This creates one large hill where children can jump and have fun. You can view some standard examples on this website. From big to small. Buy an air mountain or an airtrampoline and determine your own colors. And the choice is enormous. We have more than 20 different colors to choose from. Do you have specific wishes regarding the size? Then contact us without any obligation

Quality and professional installation

You want to buy an air mountain? Then of course you go for the very best quality. Jump Factory only works with the best quality materials and tarpaulins. For example, we work with a 900gr / m2 tarpaulin. These are attached to each other by means of high-frequency welding. This makes the welds very strong and creates the most durable connection. In addition, the installation is also an important step for the result. Our own installation service will install the Airmountain at your location in just one day.

Advantages of an Airmountain

An Airmountain has many advantages for a fixed set-up compared to a normal bouncy castle. For example, no continuous supervision is required with an air trampoline. In addition, such an airtrampolin is suitable for children of all ages. A perfect addition to your restaurant, campsite, playground or bungalow park. The blower that inflates our air trampolines is located a few meters from the Airmountain.

Buy a custom Airmountain

Would you rather buy a unique and custom Airmountain? This is also possible. We print your own logo on the airmountain. Jump Factory is the right place for jumping mountains or a customized airtrampoline. Please contact us for free advice!

2 year warranty

Because we use the best material and the most durable solutions, we offer a standard 2-year warranty on all our airmountains. You get the personal service completely free!