Inflatable Arch KNLTB

8 x 5.1 x 1.1m
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Inflatable Arch KNLTB

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Inflatable Arch KNLTB

Jump Factory has produced this customized arch for the Tennis association of the Netherlands: KNLTB. They wished for a clean inflatable arch with velcro on the sides and on top of the arch. Their sponsors will be able to switch from space to space so they can attend on every event they wish. Jump Factory made this arch form idea, to design and finally production. Thinking of an arch of your own? Do not hesitate and get in touch with us!

Inflatable arches are important to show off your very sponsors and are a big deal in the communication business. Because of the velcro, the owner of the arch desided witch sponsor will be placed on wich part of the customized arch. Eventually the event will provide the visitors with a positive vibe and branding! Besided arches we also produce customized bouncy castles. Check it out for more information!


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Dimensions 8 × 5,1 × 1,1 m


To maintain quality we only use heavyweight and durable materials for our inflatables. We reinforce the products where needed and stitch the seams four times.


All the by Jump Factory produced bouncers, Survival tracks and other inflatables are designed and produced according to the European standard NEN EN:14960 and certified by TÜV.


Our own (in house) repair service is ready to help you every day. In this way we can professionally and quickly repair any defects and damage.