Custom bouncer Vennegoor

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Custom bouncer Vennegoor

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Custom bouncer Vennegoor

For Vennegoor Installations Weerselo, we have been able to produce this unique Vennegoor inflatable. In addition to the company colors, the company logos are also frequently used. Due to its shape and specific details, the bouncy castle resembles a real commercial vehicle. In addition, it is also a recognizable product and can be used at a company party or for sponsoring for the local football club. Also provide your guests with a positive connection with your brand. Jump and have fun, such as this unique custom-made Vennegoor bouncy castle from Jump Factory.

Customized bouncy castle Vennegoor, but different

Are you looking for an inflatable such as this inflatable from Vennegoor Installations? Let us know your wishes and we will make a custom-made design without any obligation. You have complete freedom to choose from different colors. In addition, you decide which logos you want to place. And the safety? You don’t have to worry about that. As with the Vennegoor inflatable, we always ensure the safety of our inflatable. Our inflatable are always inspected in accordance with the latest NEN14960. We always have these inspections carried out by authorized inspection companies. Consider, for example, the TÜV SÜD Benelux. Do you have questions about safety? We understand that. Feel free to contact us – our team will be happy to help you.


TFC1.1 blower
Transportation bag
Repair kit
Log & certificate NEN14960
5 Years warranty and 5 years free claims processing in Nijmegen



To maintain quality we only use heavyweight and durable materials for our inflatables. We reinforce the products where needed and stitch the seams four times.


All the by Jump Factory produced bouncers, Survival tracks and other inflatables are designed and produced according to the European standard NEN EN:14960 and certified by TÜV.


Our own (in house) repair service is ready to help you every day. In this way we can professionally and quickly repair any defects and damage.