Custom bouncer Strijbosch Thunnissen

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Custom bouncer Strijbosch Thunnissen

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Custom Bouncer Strijbosch Thunnissen

A beautiful bouncy castle where you can immediately see who it belongs to. The bouncy castle Strijbosch Thunnissen is unique because it incorporates all colors and logos. Colorful and cheerful in a perfect mix for this bouncy castle Strijbosch Thunnissen. This will give the children a positive experience with the brand. Because who wouldn’t want that when your parents just bought a new house? Enjoy a super cheerful bouncy castle where not the parents, but the children themselves are in charge!

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Jump Factory has been a specialist in the field of customized inflatables for many years. Partly because of our experiences and knowledge of current legislation, we are happy to come to a unique end product together with you. We try to combine the beautiful aspect with the practical aspect so that you will not be faced with surprises. The short line and the many contacts also keep you informed of the entire process. Do you also want a bouncy castle but have no inspiration? For example, take a look at our already produced custom-made inflatables. Of course we are also available by phone and we are happy to answer all your questions!



To maintain quality we only use heavyweight and durable materials for our inflatables. We reinforce the products where needed and stitch the seams four times.


All the by Jump Factory produced bouncers, Survival tracks and other inflatables are designed and produced according to the European standard NEN EN:14960 and certified by TÜV.


Our own (in house) repair service is ready to help you every day. In this way we can professionally and quickly repair any defects and damage.