Inflatable Parks are gaining popularity

Recently you have seen existing indoor playgrounds and trampoline halls being (partly) replaced by an Inflatable Park. Such an Airpark has the great advantage that it is always custom made and something different than the rest. While most playgrounds consist of a large cage construction that children can climb into, an Airpark is equipped with all kinds of separate parts on which visitors can enjoy themselves for hours. Think of climbing, sliding and all kinds of other game elements. You can design and theme such an Inflatable park completely according to your own wishes.

Afbeelding Inflatable Park op maat kopen

Production of your own Inflatable Park

An Inflatable park consists of various inflatable parts that are connected together. During the design process, careful consideration is given to the locations where the fans can and cannot be placed. This is an important part to ensure that the Inflatable Park will have the right pressure.

First of all, the space will be measured. We discuss together what the best parts are, how the sight lines should run and which colors and themes we will use. Once we have completely figured this out, we will start working on the first design.

After the desired adjustments, we can start producing your own Inflatable Park. The different parts are cut out of the best PVC coated fabric in the market and very carefully sewn together. Additional reinforcements will be applied and/or protective sheets will be placed in vulnerable areas.

Interested in your own Inflatable Park?

Are you also interested in buying your own Inflatable Park, or are you considering (partially) converting your indoor playground or trampoline hall? We are happy to advise you about the possibilities and look together how we can best transform your space into a great inflatable amusement park. Please contact us for more information.


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