Custom bouncy castle for your installation company

Puchase a customized bouncy castle for your installation or construction company. This is something that we have realized several times in recent years for our customers in this industry. A real eye catcher for your company during open days, events or meetings in your region!

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Buy an installation bouncy castle

Buying your own bouncy castle for your installation company, how does it work?
Buying a customized bouncy castle, how exactly does that work. It sounds difficult, but in reality it is not. Feel free to contact us and get some good advice. Nothing is compulsory, everything is possible. Would you like to receive a free quote? No problem! And if this quote is interesting, we will be happy to create a free design for you. Choose the colors, size and extras. As extras you can think of inflatable pillars or a nice slide on the side. Together with you, we will come up with a beautiful final product. And the price? It is much lower than on the housing market! Of course, the safety of the bouncy castle is also excellent. Don’t worry about that. All our bouncy castles are certified in accordance with NEN14960. We would also be happy to tell you more about this.

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A bouncy castle for your installation or construction company

In recent years we have been able to produce various inflatable castles for various installation companies. For example, installation company Verspeek from Valkenswaard approached us for the production of their first bouncy castle. This idea became a huge success! Customers with a maintenance contract can reserve a bouncy castle for free from this company. This has proven to be such a success that they have now purchased their third bouncy castle. Also for other installation companies like Campus installation technology, Keijsers Martens, Stigho Electro and v.d. Vleutenelektrotechniek we have designed and produce custom-made inflatables. Jump Factory is also happy to help your installation company!

If you would rather buy a standard bouncy castle from stock, that is of course also possible.


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