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Protective equipment COVID-19

At Jump Factory you can buy various protective equipment regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid-19), there has been an increased demand for protective equipment such as mouth masks, disinfection columns and splash guards. Here you will find these protective equipment.

Surgical masks

There are different types of mouth masks you can buy. Surgical masks, also known as mouth nose masks, consist three layers of filter material. The main reason for wearing a surgical mask is to protect the people around the wearer from contamination. A surgical mask does not provide respiratory protection, as the filter and fit are not designed to protect the wearer from small particles. These surgical masks comply with EN 14683.

KN95 mouth masks (FFP2)

KN95 mouth masks protects the wearer from inhaling contaminated particles that are spread through the air. Due to the tight fit, the chance of “leakage” between the mask and the user is much smaller than with a surgical mask. These masks offer a filter level of more than 95% and protect the wearer from getting contaminated.

Disinfection columns

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, there is an increasing focus on hygiene. The sturdy disinfection columns from Jump Factory are available in two variants. We offer a variant with holder for your own disinfection pump and a disinfection column with a so called no touch dispenser. Both columns are equipped with a click frame in which you can easily place your message or rules for your store.

Floor markers 1,5 meter

In public spaces it is mandatory to keep 1,5 meters distance. Companies are looking for a way maintaining this social distancing. With the special floor makers 1,5 meter, you can remind your visitors of the distance they should keep. These are particularly suitable for people who often change locations, such as at the market or at an (inflatable) attraction. These floor makers are easy to install.

Splash Guard

A splash guard or counter screen is used as a partition between you and your customers. These screens are used to protect your employees against contamination. Buy a cheap splash guard as a partition that is made of aluminum profiles with a transparent tarpaulin stretched in it. In addition, we offer a cheap counter screen that can be easily hung.

Are you interested in a customized solution? With our aluminum profiles we can make all kinds of frames. This can be done with plexiglass or with transparent tarpaulin. Inquire about the possibilities and together we will come up with the best option for your location.